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Jade Facial Roller

Benefits of Jade Facial Roller

  • Supports lymphatic drainage to reduce the appearance of puffiness and promote better blood circulation of the face
  • Help to tone facial muscles and subtly tighten loose skin
  • Unique material that remains cool and smooth, making it a suitable tool for a relaxing, soothing treatment



Made of jade, this facial roller is said to be the perfect stone to restore one’s youthful appearance. This simple tool helps to depuff and leave your skin more radiant and lifted. 

Use the side with the larger roller to glide on larger areas such as your forehead, cheeks and chin. Use the smaller roller to gently glide on areas such as undereyes, nose and upper lip.

For a more relaxing experience, place the jade facial roller in the fridge for about 30 minutes before use.

Use this jade facial roller once a day before you go to bed every night for a relaxing experience to improve your sleep quality!