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Transform Your Physique In 6 Weeks with A Curated Programme

If you have struggled with weight loss, you will know that there are not shortcuts or easy way to shed the extra pounds. In order to lose weight (or fat) effectively, one needs to ensure that the there is calorie deficit of about 500 calories a day. That should put you on track to lose about 1 pound per week.

There is no one perfect diet that works for everyone because there is no one way to lose weight. Losing weight is a personal journey which you need to discover what works best for you. It requires discipline in diet and exercise and 100 percent commitment to the weight loss journey.

Unfortunately for most of us, time is not on our side. We simply do not have enough time to juggle between family commitment, social life, and work. Setting aside dedicated time and putting in effort to expend those extra calories through exercise is out of the question.

We hear your concerns and understand toning up your body can be difficult. To make life easier for you, we put together an all-encompassing body transformation programme for you.

Radium’s 360 Body Transformation Programme

While many fad diets recommend extreme measures such as calorie restrictions or avoiding certain food groups, these fad diets don’t result in a long-term weight loss because they do not promote healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Many fad diets advocate cutting out entire food groups for an extended period of time, which can create nutrient-deficiency in the long run.

Our 360 Body Transformation Programme is unique because it focuses on your total wellness instead of just targeting the excess fat on the body.

Your body transformation programme begins with an initial consultation with our visiting dietician, Dr. Naras Lapsys. He will first assess your nutritional status, diagnose and chart out a proposed diet based on your medical and dietary history. Throughout the programme, Dr. Naras will closely monitor your progress at various checkpoints.

Our dietician provides you with a detailed meal plan and lifestyle modification based on your medical history. You are highly encouraged to stick to the recommended plan as much as possible to yield the best nutritional outcome for your overall health.

Hot and Cold Therapy for Fat Loss

Fortunately for many of us, fat cells are sensitive to extreme temperatures. 360 Body Transformation Programme utilise two of the most well-known non-surgical body contouring treatments, using extreme temperatures to destroy the stubborn fat cells.

Studies showed that cold eliminates fat cells when brought to a temperature below four degrees Celsius. With just one session, fat freezing treatment can reduce up to 25 percent of fat in the treated area.

On the other hand, SculpSure uses high temperature to melt fat. It uses a laser technology to gently heat the fat cells, specially between 40 to 44 degrees Celsius to cause cell death without compromising the skin.

Both fat freezing and SculpSure are FDA-approved treatments and provide good results for the right candidates. They are viable treatment options for candidates with a health BMI index but not morbidly obese. It works well for people who cannot seem to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat with diet and exercise alone.

By combining hot and cold therapy, you can be assured that your stubborn subcutaneous fat cells don’t stand a chance to survive. They will be permanently destroyed, restoring your health and rebuild your confidence.

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