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Revitalise Your Tresses With Nature’s Goodness – Soybean

Revitalise Your Tresses With Nature’s Goodness - Soybean

In the pursuit of healthy and radiant hair, nature often holds the key to our most coveted beauty secrets. One such gem that has been gaining recognition for its transformative properties is the humble soybean. Beyond being a dietary staple, soybeans are emerging as a powerhouse ingredient in the realm of hair care. Naturally produced, chemical-free and supercharged with benefits, products containing soybean offer a gentle, natural and effective solution for those seeking healthier tresses.

Benefits of Soybean Extract For Hair

Soybeans or soya beans (Glycine soja) are native to East Asia. Cultivated for over 5000 years, it’s now one of the most popularly grown crops around the world.

Soybeans provide emollient and occlusive properties for the hair. They aid in bolstering the moisture barrier and improving moisture retention, resulting in the softening and smoothening of the hair. When applied to the hair, soybean forms a protective, moisturising layer that reduces frizz, adds shine, and promotes a silky, touchable feel.

Additionally, soybeans are packed with nutritional minerals, including proteins, Vitamin E and omega fatty acids, that contribute to overall hair health. The proteins found in soybeans help to fortify hair shafts, reducing breakage and promoting growth. While Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can help to protect hair from oxidative damage.

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Incorporate Soybean Extract Into Your Hair Care

The high concentration of proteins, Vitamin E and omega fatty acids in soybeans make it a potent hair-nourishing active ingredient, ideal for dry, curly, damaged, and colour-treated hair. Incorporating soybeans into your hair care routine is relatively simple, as there are numerous ways to include it in your regime. Whether applying soybean oil directly or utilising products infused with soy, you will be able to reap its beneficial effects.

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Radium’s Self Defence Scalp Rejuvenation Serum not only   has soybean extract infused into its formula but also powerful compounds, such as green tea, baikal skullcap and wheat extracts. This combination works synergistically to enhance cellular activity and activate follicles, promoting robust and healthy hair growth.

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